No rest for the Wicking

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Life’s a garden. Dig it!

On this frosty winters day, our in-house “curious gardener” Doug Cousins led the discussion around how to build a self-watering garden bed. Doug says “It is simply really. All you need is some timber, pond liner, a load of stone, some good quality soil and the odd bits and pieces to create your own garden bed to grow flowers, vegies or herbs.”

Doug and the Wicking Bed

Placing a layer of carpet down which was kindly donated by a carpet supplier here in Shepparton.


Jeanie and the Wicking Bed

The team adding the black plastic down to provide a waterproof base for the bed.

Wicking beds are becoming a popular way to grow your own herbs and vegetables as they are self-watering and simple to make. It is said that a wicking bed will use approximately 50% less water than our traditional vegie garden using “capillary action” where the water is absorbed by the plants from the bottom up.


Council worker’s got to work on the shovel. Funny that…


There are many benefits to installing your own wicking bed including:

  • Water-saving! Water is not wasted and evaporation is minimal as all the water is kept within the sealed base of the garden bed. A  wicking bed should irrigate itself for about a week which will vary from season to season.
  • You can use a variety of recyled materials laying around the house!
  • They are perfect for people with mobility issues and require minimal strength as large water containers are not needed to carted around.
  • They are self draining in the event of a large downpour.

That’s how it’s done. All we need now is the seedlings!

For more information head over to

Happy growing!


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